As Instructor:

Department of Asian Studies, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

2018 Fall, "The Fantastic in Chinese Literature" (taught in English)

2018 Fall, "Advanced Chinese" (fourth-year Chinese)

2019 Spring, "Intermediate Chinese" (second-year Chinese)

2019 Spring, "Masterpieces in Modern Chinese Literature" (taught in Chinese)

As Teaching Assistant:

Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

2017 Spring, “Chinese in the Humanities” (Instructors: David Der-wei Wang and Jennifer Li-chia Liu)            

2016 Fall, “Art and Violence in Cultural Revolution (1966–76)” (Instructor: Xiaofei Tian)                                   

2016 Spring, “Pre-advanced Chinese II” (Third-year Chinese) (Preceptor: Xueyin Shao)                 

2015 Fall, “Pre-advanced Chinese I” (Third-year Chinese) (Preceptor: Xueyin Shao)                                           

2014 Fall, “Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory” (Instructor: Michael Puett)     


Harvard Beijing Academy, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing

2015 Summer, “Advanced Chinese” (Fourth-year Chinese) (Preceptor: Panpan Gao)